Why Machine Learning Is The Future Of Web Development

Like many experts, industry analysts and successful developers are saying, Machine Learning and Deep Learning are two of the biggest topics within the tech industry, given the fact that automation is quickly rising in every single business sector. There are sparks of applications which are indeed set to properly automate processes ranging from warehousing to data control.
With this in mind, the web development industry is definitely another big one who’s being affected by machine learning as a matter: first of all, because of the constant evolution of search engines and, most importantly, because of the fact that e-Commerce has become one of the biggest things in business.

Personalization Cloud: The Biggest Example

When it comes to machine and deep learning, the first application that comes to mind is definitely related to the personalization business area: there are multiple startups who are, in fact, building tools which are supposed to present “the right product at the right time”. Machine learning acts by simply recognising what the impression is looking for in terms of products, to then automatically optimise the whole catalogue, presenting certain products which are more likely to generate a sale.

Mobile Applications

Many iOS app development and Android app development companies stated the fact that machine learning is the biggest focus in the mobile industry. With simple but impactful examples like Apple’s face-ID, in fact, we’ve seen how simply coded R-algorithms were able to step into the market. In the next few years, we can easily expect to see more autonomous learning apps which will potentially be applied to more simplified matters, such as the entertainment industry.


Warehouses around the world have started to build autonomous controlling sections. This is a big deal, especially since the whole process will highly help and increase productivity and overall results. Examples of fully automated warehouses are happening right now in China, where Alibaba’s sorting centres are 100{4000b049796cfd743a1ee0f0998d88f5dc7fbf617d278c7028b47c5a4c49c40d} robots based.

To Conclude

Machine and deep learning are still at an embryonic level, especially given the fact that they are generally a “startup thing”, which automatically limits the budget that is invested in such technologies. We can easily expect machine learning to grow in the near future, but saying that it will be an industry standard soon is a bit too much. An interesting factor would be related to Google’s applications in the near future, given the fact that the company is heavily investing in the matter.