Updating WordPress is Essential: Here’s Why

If you are a WordPress user, then you might have come across a dashboard and/or an email alert requesting you to update your WordPress. While most of us understand the importance of keeping software and applications updated at all times, WordPress offers frequent updates (once every few months) which can be irksome at times. Running and managing a website is a time-consuming activity and usually, updating WordPress takes a lower priority than other important activities like marketing, content creation, etc. In this article, we will highlight the reasons behind updating WordPress without delay.

What are WordPress Updates?

The WordPress platform is open-source and free for all to use. Further, there is an active community of developers around the world who work tirelessly to keep the platform secure, improve its performance, fix bugs, and add new features. These changes are offered to WordPress users via updates/releases.

Why is updating WordPress essential?

Here are the top 4 reasons to update WordPress on priority:


WordPress being an open-source platform, allows anyone to view the source. Therefore, hackers have the opportunity to find loop-holes and break-in to websites. Being one of the most popular CMS platforms around the globe, WordPress is also a target for many cyber-miscreants. Being community-dependent, WordPress users around the world study the code and report any security bugs in the platform to the developer community who then release an update to fix the problem.

Therefore, if your website is not running on the latest WordPress version, then you might expose your site to a cyber-attack. Along with the WP-core, you must ensure that your plugins and themes are also updated to prevent hackers from exploiting security loopholes in them.

New Features

The digital world is constantly evolving. New trends and changing user-expectations require website owners to keep adopting new features to offer a great website experience. Further, the WordPress community also keeps developing faster and more efficient ways of using the platform. All these changes are offered to you via updates and keeping the WP-core updated allows you to benefit from these features.


The WordPress developer community constantly endeavors to make WordPress run faster and more efficient. The speed of the website is a huge factor in SEO as well as a good user experience. These performance improvements are made available through updates too.

Apart from updating WordPress, choosing a good WordPress Hosting service can also help increase the speed of your website.


Every software has bugs and developers keep working on the bugs to find fixes and improve the efficiency of the software. WordPress is no different. Although all major WordPress releases are put through rigorous testing phases, some bugs tend to slip through. While these bugs some inconsequential to look at, it is necessary to fix them to ensure the efficiency of the platform. The developer community comes out with regular minor releases (X.X.X) offering fixes for identified bugs.


You can update your WordPress manually or automatically. Many web hosts offering hosting services specifically designed for WordPress offer Managed WordPress Hosting services where they ensure that the WP-core, plugins, and themes are automatically updated every time there is a new release. You can opt for such web hosts if you find yourself hard-pressed for time. Good Luck!