How to Grow Your Customers With Email Marketing Campaigns?

Most of us receive emails from brands and companies on a daily basis, but only a few of them make us open the email and learn more about the business or their products. This is email marketing. Email marketing has become a widely used marketing tool that has the potential to create a personalized connection with customers. If even a brand is out there in the market, chances are people would not know about it without the help of a digital marketing agency in Virginia Beach. But how do these agencies help brands reach out to the right audience?

The answer is in effective marketing tactics. It is an essential part of a business that no entrepreneur can afford to ignore. Amongst other types of marketing, an email marketing campaign is the most effective one when it comes to personalized marketing.

So, how to leverage the potentials of email marketing? What are the important dos and don’ts while making email marketing campaign? Here is what most digital innovators suggest one should do when deploying email marketing to maximize the effects of it.

What You Should Do

When devising an email marketing campaign for your business, a brand should keep a lot of things in mind. Since the main aim of shooting an email to the audience is to make them open and read the message, it is important to draft the content carefully. As per top marketing experts and leaders, email marketing provides a higher return on investment. Make your subscribers feel that they are valued and very special to the brand. Offer them discounts and deals that are exclusively available through email only. In email marketing, timing plays a crucial role. It is very critical to determine the email open rate. Businesses can save both their time and efforts by identifying what time to shoot the email.

Similarly, it is essential to consider the performance of a previous campaign.  Most marketers believe that by analyzing the results of the past email campaigns, businesses can devise more productive campaigns. By conducting A/B testing, companies can test the effectiveness of an email. But the most crucial element of email marketing is a strong and clear call-to-action. Besides this, don’t forget to add an opt-out option on the email to your followers.

What You Shouldn’t Do

No doubt that email marketing can do wonders for a business but is also true that a single wrong move can cost a brand a prospective customer. To avoid this, refrain from sending unsolicited emails to your subscribers. Additionally, make sure that the content you are sharing to your consumers is correct and not miss leading in any sense.

When it comes to the don’ts of email marketing, one must keep in mind not to send out emails without checking its design, visual appeal and content.


But most importantly, when it comes to an email campaign, one should devise a content that is personalized. To do so, address your email recipient with his name. Many automation tools are available in the market that can integrate with CM and help business identify and group the consumers based on at the stage of sales funnel they stand at.