Getting to Know the LED Lights Components

For those who already understand the electronics must have been familiar with the name of the LED light, which is a component light emitting Diodes, a diode that can be lit and various color choices, there is one color in one led and also many colors are dominated in one LED. To create a bright light then we can use the LED lights are colored in white but if you want to create a decorative led lamp can use a variety of colors such as red flame yellow green and blue and white.

Have you ever wondered to see the contents of the LED lights you bought? This time I will discuss the components that can form LED lights. The following are the components:

  1. PCB

PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is a circuit board made of a kind of fiber as an isolator that is used to lay the components of electronics installed and assembled with right PCB Assembly. The PCB has a conductor path made of copper and serves as a link between one component with other components.

Copper on PCB has different thickness, ranging from 17 micrometers up to 35 micrometers. Other materials on the PCB are phenolic papers that are usually brown. This material is more popular and cheaper than other materials. PCB also has various types depending on its function. One-sided PCBs are commonly used in radio and TV circuits, two-sided PCBs are used to connect components on both sides, and multi-sided PCBs used as delivery media, usually found on a range of PCs. In the LED light, the PCB used is a one-sided PCB. For maximum results, you need to use the best PCB Assembly services.

  1. Electrolytic Condenser

Electrolytic condenser is a polar capacitor that serves as a DC direct current. In addition, electrolytic condenser also has a variety of functions ranging from as a filter, power saver, and frequency generator. You can find electrolytic condenser in all electronic circuits including LED lights.

  1. Chip

The LED lamp consists of a fully charged semiconductor chip. The LED lamp has a polarization tendency. The LED chip has two poles, in example positive pole and negative pole and will only be lit when given forward current. Chips on LED lights generally have relatively low breakdown voltage. Characteristics of LED light chips are generally the same as diode characteristics that require only a certain voltage to operate. However, if the applied voltage is too large, the LED light will be damaged.

Those are three important components for an LED light. These three components need you to know so you can take care of your LED lights so as not to be damaged quickly. Make sure you choose a good light for you to feel comfortable, and you can buy it on any website that provides a wide range of LED lights with a good light. You also should know about the Led PCB too.