Why Machine Learning Is The Future Of Web Development

Like many experts, industry analysts and successful developers are saying, Machine Learning and Deep Learning are two of the biggest topics within the tech industry, given the fact that automation is quickly rising in every single business sector. There are sparks of applications which are indeed set to properly automate processes ranging from warehousing to data control.
With this in mind, the web development industry is definitely another big one who’s being affected by machine learning as a matter: first of all, because of the constant evolution of search engines and, most importantly, because of the fact that e-Commerce has become one of the biggest things in business.

Personalization Cloud: The Biggest Example

When it comes to machine and deep learning, the first application that comes to mind is definitely related to the personalization business area: there are multiple startups who are, in fact, building tools which are supposed to present “the right product at the right time”. Machine learning acts by simply recognising what the impression is looking for in terms of products, to then automatically optimise the whole catalogue, presenting certain products which are more likely to generate a sale.

Mobile Applications

Many iOS app development and Android

How to Grow Your Customers With Email Marketing Campaigns?

Most of us receive emails from brands and companies on a daily basis, but only a few of them make us open the email and learn more about the business or their products. This is email marketing. Email marketing has become a widely used marketing tool that has the potential to create a personalized connection with customers. If even a brand is out there in the market, chances are people would not know about it without the help of a digital marketing agency in Virginia Beach. But how do these agencies help brands reach out to the right audience?

The answer is in effective marketing tactics. It is an essential part of a business that no entrepreneur can afford to ignore. Amongst other types of marketing, an email marketing campaign is the most effective one when it comes to personalized marketing.

So, how to leverage the potentials of email marketing? What are the important dos and don’ts while making email marketing campaign? Here is what most digital innovators suggest one should do when deploying email marketing to maximize the effects of it.

What You Should Do

When devising an email marketing campaign for your business, a brand should keep …

Updating WordPress is Essential: Here’s Why

If you are a WordPress user, then you might have come across a dashboard and/or an email alert requesting you to update your WordPress. While most of us understand the importance of keeping software and applications updated at all times, WordPress offers frequent updates (once every few months) which can be irksome at times. Running and managing a website is a time-consuming activity and usually, updating WordPress takes a lower priority than other important activities like marketing, content creation, etc. In this article, we will highlight the reasons behind updating WordPress without delay.

What are WordPress Updates?

The WordPress platform is open-source and free for all to use. Further, there is an active community of developers around the world who work tirelessly to keep the platform secure, improve its performance, fix bugs, and add new features. These changes are offered to WordPress users via updates/releases.

Why is updating WordPress essential?

Here are the top 4 reasons to update WordPress on priority:


WordPress being an open-source platform, allows anyone to view the source. Therefore, hackers have the opportunity to find loop-holes and break-in to websites. Being one of the most popular CMS platforms around the globe, WordPress is also a …

Getting to Know the LED Lights Components

For those who already understand the electronics must have been familiar with the name of the LED light, which is a component light emitting Diodes, a diode that can be lit and various color choices, there is one color in one led and also many colors are dominated in one LED. To create a bright light then we can use the LED lights are colored in white but if you want to create a decorative led lamp can use a variety of colors such as red flame yellow green and blue and white.

Have you ever wondered to see the contents of the LED lights you bought? This time I will discuss the components that can form LED lights. The following are the components:

  1. PCB

PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is a circuit board made of a kind of fiber as an isolator that is used to lay the components of electronics installed and assembled with right PCB Assembly. The PCB has a conductor path made of copper and serves as a link between one component with other components.

Copper on PCB has different thickness, ranging from 17 micrometers up to 35 micrometers. Other materials on the PCB are phenolic …

5 must have items for your home studio setup

If you’ve ever tried to set up your own recording studio at home – whether to lay down demo tracks, or just give your podcast an air of professionalism – you’ll be well aware there is a head-spinning array of equipment on offer that can quickly tip you over budget.

That’s why it makes sense to strip everything back to basics, and only get the gear you really need.

We’ve managed to whittle it down to just five essential items, so here are the only things you’ll need to set up a studio at home.

  1. A laptop

A good quality laptop will probably be the most expensive item on your home studio shopping list, but it’ll be the most important piece of kit you’ll own – the place where you’ll store, mix, share and stream your demos and podcasts.

Opt for a laptop instead of a desktop as not only will this mean you can take your recordings with you wherever you go, but laptops are generally now powerful and fast enough to do everything you’ll need.

It’s also worth bundling in an external hard drive, for extra storage space and backing up files.

  1. A microphone

A good microphone is …