Astoria Video Production: Video Contents and Landing Page

According to actor Will Rogers, “There is no second chance when you are making a first impression.” Will sayings like this refer more to people; it can also apply to businesses. So, for companies that are looking for new clients or customers, where can they can get these first impressions?

In this digital time and age that we live in, the answer to this question revolves around online resources like social media, website landing pages and online reviews. And while a lot of people like to read online reviews or confirm whether the companies, they are interested in have a social media presence or not, each platform eventually leads to potential customers to the business site anyway.

With that in everyone’s mind, how valuable do you think of your landing page to be concise, clear and engaging? We have put together some important points to answer this question and discuss how businesses can make their landing page more efficient and effective by including videos as part of their content. To share a positive first impression with your target market by taking a closer look at the reasons why it is crucial to incorporate it to your landing page strategy.

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You will have more time spent on your site

If you haven’t heard about bounce rate yet, you are missing a lot. If you have used Google Analytics, there is a big chance that you have seen it on your reports or discussed it with your website design team. The concept of bounce rate is related to how many internet users leave your site without going to another web page.

The bounce rate is an essential aspect of your website’s overall search engine ranking. While there are different types of website all over the internet, the average bounce rate is at least 40{df09e32857cec7ff6ed3a3902475388baf68ed354886d46d0bececa8908ead68} or 50{df09e32857cec7ff6ed3a3902475388baf68ed354886d46d0bececa8908ead68}. The landing page when a video is involved, can dramatically increase the percentage by up to at least 80{df09e32857cec7ff6ed3a3902475388baf68ed354886d46d0bececa8908ead68}.

When internet users visit a website with visual contents, there is a big chance that they will spend a lot of time watching it and follow the directions by clicking through to other pages. It will have a positive impact on your website’s bounce rate, and it will give your site more credibility. It will mean a better page ranking on search engines like Yahoo, Bing or Google.

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Internet users prefer watching videos compared to reading

With millions or possibly billions of YouTube videos being watched every day, it is no secret that a lot of people love to watch video contents. Whether they are a clip of a dog jumping over the fence, a of a cat sleeping or a creative marketing clip, people are highly engaged when there is an interesting video that pops out of their social media feed.

Using resources like Vimeo, YouTube, Dailymotion, Metcafe or can be an excellent way to include links or embed marketing contents on your landing page or website. Just last year, at least 55{df09e32857cec7ff6ed3a3902475388baf68ed354886d46d0bececa8908ead68} of people on the internet watched at least one clip about marketing every day.

And that percentage has increased dramatically since then. According to the tech giant, Cisco, by 2020, an estimated 80{df09e32857cec7ff6ed3a3902475388baf68ed354886d46d0bececa8908ead68} of internet traffic will come from these types of contents. That will leave more or less 20{df09e32857cec7ff6ed3a3902475388baf68ed354886d46d0bececa8908ead68} of online traffic for written materials all over the internet.

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Increase your site’s trust factor

Whether you are putting together a video for your company overview or a video you can use as a sales pitch, you must build trust in your product and into your brand. Some of the ways to increase the trust level include:

  • Maintaining consistency all over your brand
  • Provide valuable video content
  • Use your customer reviews
  • Introduce the members of your team
  • Share useful and relevant links

Each of the techniques mentioned above can be incorporated into the content on your landing page. A valuable marketing clip can include essential details about your product or services and teach your target market and potential consumers how the video can help them. It can consist of a small video clip of consumers sharing their positive experience when using or availing your product or services.